The “mile-high club” gets all the attention, but there might be more going on at the airports.

Travel Passengers Airport Sex
Credit: Getty Images

Flight comparison engine Jetcost has some scandalous research to share with America, and it’s rather unexpected.

In a survey of nearly 5,000 U.S. travelers, 10 percent of the respondents admitted to killing their free time in an airport by having a “sexual encounter” of some kind. (Meanwhile, only 8 percent said they’re card-carrying members of the “mile-high club,” that much-discussed notch in a traveler's belt.)

As for how to hook up in a public place? Toilets and storage cupboards were the most popular spots in bustling airports to find some private time, those surveyed said. These aren’t random strangers having a rendezvous, though: 87 percent said they snuck a romantic moment in with their partner while traveling.

“Trying to join the mile-high club is a tricky one, not least because the toilets are so small and it’s pretty clear to most on-board what you’re up to,” a spokesperson for Jetcost said. So it makes sense some travelers are choosing to find intimacy with all four feet on solid ground.

The study, which Jetcost undertook in order to better understand how Americans spend our travel time, noted that eating and drinking are naturally the most popular activities in airports. A full 67 percent of respondents fuel up while waiting for their flights to board.

But next time you stroll by a storage cupboard on your way to your gate, remember that there might be some risky business going on within. After all, only 17 percent of the travelers had been caught in the act, they said.