No passenger belongings were harmed in this exhibit of workplace toomfoolery.

By Erika Owen
December 01, 2015

On November 24th—when Thanksgiving air traffic was in full swing—Chase Platon was flying from San Jose Mineta International Airport when he caught a couple of Alaskan Airlines employees having too much fun. Platon spent around 30 minutes (a few of which you can watch above) watching a group of airport baggage handlers toss around a black suitcase while waiting for his Southwest flight.

"Regrettably, our employees were tossing a company rollaboard bag that was filled with magazines as part of an employee game,“ Alaska Airlines told NBC Bay Area. "No passenger bag was used for this activity." The airline has since apologized for the situation, but not before the video had been seen tens of thousands of times. Check out the footage of the "game" above.

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