Check it. Gate check it.

Airport Grounds Crew Member
Credit: Matt Staver/Bloomberg via Getty Images

You’ll definitely want this airport employee at the security gate. A post from the subreddit r/funny shows and anonymous airport employee with the best vest number ever: RAPS 247.

As in, she “raps, 24-7.”

The original poster captioned the photo, “I don't know how she finds time for airport security.”

It’s true — when you can’t stop, won’t stop, rapping all day, every day, it can be hard to make time for other people’s baggage.

While it's perhaps unlikely that this airport employee is also a rapper, we're sure she's cool, anyway.

It’s unclear who this employee is or even what airport they work for. Still, you have to wonder what mind-blowing rhymes this mystery employee could be spinning all day while they’re stomping on the tarmac.

Many people on Reddit had jokes to share, like “did you 2pac your bags yourself?” “straight outta customs,” and “Tarmac Shakur.”

Others also shared some quality sample lyrics, like “rollin thru the terminal in my baggage cart.” You can read the full thread on Reddit.

Airport work has never seemed so chill.