Credit: Courtesy of AirPod

The days of contorting around armrests to sleep at the airport are numbered.

European airports could soon introduce Airpods, sleek self-contained capsules designed specifically for sleepy travelers at their gate.

The pods are a minimal private escape that look like futuristic drag racers. Inside, sleep-deprived passengers will find a plush chair that converts into a bed for naps.

Credit: Courtesy of AirPod

Travelers can charge their devices, link up to a Wi-Fi connection and store their luggage. Air purifiers keep things fresh and there’s even Netflix available on a TV screen. And though the pods are designed to reduce outside noise, it’s possible to stay connected to what’s going on around the airport. Those inside can set an alarm for when it’s time to head to their gate and check on flight alerts.

The pods will be available to rent by the hour.

Airpod was developed by two Slovenian businessmen and frequent fliers. “Our aim is to improve and make travel experience comfortable and enjoyable each and every hour, whilst transiting,” the company’s website says.

The pods are still in beta, but they will start to appear around European airports as part of a commercial test later this year. Afterwards, they could appear around the globe.

These pods are not the first to offer a place to nap for weary travelers. Other similar business ventures include Jabbrrbox at New York City's LaGuardia Airport, GoSleep nap pods in Helsinki Airport, private bedrooms available for rent in Las Vegas McCarran Airport, and Moscow Airport’s tiny SleepBox pods.