By Cailey Rizzo
January 23, 2017
Jason Todd/Getty Images

Our sense of smell is strongly linked to our emotions and our memories.

And as airlines increasingly try to differentiate themselves and establish brand loyalty, many are turning to this powerful sense to cement themselves in the minds of passengers.

But having a signature scent in bathrooms or lounges alone is not enough, so one aviation company has launched what they’re calling the first FAA-certifiable fragrance diffusing system to pump smells into the cabin throughout a flight.

Zodiac Aerospace recently launched FIVE, a system for providing a “signature smell” experience for passengers from gate to gate.

“Pleasant smells improve moods, shorten the perception of time, boost sales, and form strong memories,” a spokesperson for the company told Runway Girl Network.

According to the company, FIVE can be used in “boarding areas, downstream of cabin air vents, and inside trolleys, premium seats, galleys or lavatories.” The company says that integrating fragrance into the flight experience can help create a “positive first impression” while positioning the airline’s uniqueness and eliminating bad smells.

The system uses dry scents and self-sealing cartridges to pump smells throughout the cabin while flame arrestors ensure that the system is safe for aviation use.

The fragrance selection varies depending on the aromatic message airlines which to spread. There are “warm and inviting” options like mahogany or “crisp and invigorating” scents like white tea and thyme.

Although the system has not yet been installed in any commercial aircraft, Zodiac says they are courting the idea to commercial and private plane owners.

One thing that remains to be seen is how the system can respond to passengers who are sensitive to strong smells, allergic or prone to smell-induced migraines.