This is all part of the process it takes to repaint an airplane.

If there's one thing we don't think about very often, it's the paint that covers an airplane. How did it get there? Very carefully. How do they get it off? That's another process (one that's pretty mesmerizing to watch).

This video above from Virgin Australia is relatively dated, but watching the paint literally melt off an airplane is a truly timeless activity. When you think about it, repainting an airplane is no simple task.

While you'd be quick to notice an unsightly cabin smell or a dusty armrest, you'll likely never see a spot of paint out of place on the shell of a plane — and keeping those windows paint-free can't be an easy task.

The biggest part of repainting an airplane is applying massive amounts of paint thinner and leaving it to set. But set up a camera to catch all of the things you can't get close enough to see (because: fumes), and you're in for a treat.

Check it out above, along with a lot of other scenes digging into the work that goes into giving an airplane a makeover.