Miami International Airport, Florida
Credit: Nearmap/Getty Images

Many people suffer from a fear of flying. Dramatic T.V. shows and movies will lead you to believe that extreme turbulence and plane crashes are not only common, but nearly impossible to survive.

In truth, the likelihood of being in a plane crash is extremely low — one to one million, in fact. And, according to the National Transportation Safety Board, 95.7 percent of the passengers involved in plane accidents make it out alive. These statistics should help give you peace of mind before you get on a plane.

However, a little extra reassurance never hurts for anyone out there who is still feeling timid. If you do feel a little queasy next time you need to book a flight, there are 42 airlines that have never suffered a fatal accident in their history, according to Plane Crash Info.

Air Berlin
Air Europa
AirTran Airways
Allegiant Airways
Cape Air
Chautauqua Airlines
Era Alaska
Expressjet Airlines
Frontier Airlines
GoJet Airlines
Hainan Group
Hawaiian Airlines
Horizon Air
Jazz air
Jet airways
Lion Airlines
Mesa Airlines
Olympic Airways
Oman Airways
Pinnacle Airlines
Qatar Airways
Republic Airlines
Shenzhen Airlines
Shuttle America
Southwest Airlines
Spirit Airlines
Trans State Airlines
Transaero Airlines
Ukraine International Airlines
Vietnam Airlines
Virgin Atlantic
Virgin America
Virgin Australia