Want to see the most northern state? This is the year to do it.
Alaska routes
Credit: Getty Images/First Light

It’s easier than ever to get to Alaska, thanks to several airlines that are beefing up their routes from the continental U.S. for the warmer seasons.

Alaska Airlines, naturally, offers more flights to the state than all other airlines combined. At the moment, there are 12 daily flights between Anchorage and Seattle. On June 6, that number will increase to 19. Flights from Anchorage to Portland and Los Angeles will also increase while the airline will continue operating routes from Chicago and Honolulu. Alaska Airlines will also add new routes in the contiguous 48 states later this year, which should make connections easier for travelers in other American cities.

This season, Delta will fly to five Alaskan airports from Seattle: Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan. The Anchorage to Seattle route will operate twice daily and increase to five flights per day on June 7. Delta will also connect Anchorage to Salt Lake City, Minneapolis and Atlanta later in the season. The airline was partnered with Alaska Airlines but effective May 1, the partnership will dissolve, which will likely increase competition between the two airlines.

United will add a second daily flight between Denver and Anchorage on June 8. Throughout the month, the airline will resume its routes from Chicago and Newark, New Jersey to Anchorage.

Starting June 2, American Airlines will fly from Anchorage to Dallas, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

And JetBlue will begin offering seasonal flights from Portland and Seattle to Anchorage at the end of May. One-way flights begin at $69, making them the cheapest tickets to Alaska this summer.

Local outlet Alaska Dispatch News recommends waiting until closer to the route launches in May and June to get the best deal on flights to Anchorage.