Keep your kids—and yourself—entertained on your holiday flight.

By Talia Avakian
December 20, 2016
Credit: Hero Images via Getty Images

Traveling over the holidays is rarely cheap, but there are perks.

There are many free amenities for kids available year round, as well as special limited-time holiday freebies that passengers of all ages can enjoy.

Whether you're flying with Southwest or Lufthansa, here are the free amenities and holiday promotions you don't want to miss out on.


Southwest Airlines regularly offers entertainment kits for kids onboard, which include airplane die-cuts, wings, plastic cord winders, luggage tags, ear buds, pens, and a book filled with games, trivia, and music activities.

Flight attendants can also distribute first-time flier certificates to young travelers for a memorable souvenir.


Delta offers kids free wings, coloring books, puzzle books, board games, and playing cards.

And for veterans, the Delta Military Lounge, located on B Concourse in Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, is also free and open to retired service men and women and their families. Guests will find a selection of free food, beverages, movies, music, crafts, and games. The lounge is open from November 28 to January 2 and opens from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Hawaiian Airlines

Customers aboard each of Hawaiian Airlines' 'Ohana by Hawaiian flights can play a ukulele—the airline has one available on each of its flights for the service.

The airline also updated its Japan service last year to include new keiki gift packs for children ages 12 and under that come with model airplanes, colored pencils, stickers, and activity books.


Kids between the ages of three and six can enjoy Qantas’ Joey Club kid’s kits, which come with coloring pencils, a luggage tag, an interactive guessing game, an activity book, and a Mini Joey Club book.


For youngsters on Lufthansa, there are coloring books and puzzles on all of their routes. Also, any child flying for the first time can get a logbook to record their flights and snag their own pilot's certificate once the logbook is full.

For the holidays, the airline will also be handing out complimentary chocolate treats on nearly all of flights up until December 26, while cabins will be adorned in advent wreaths.

All children flying through December 26 can also get their own set of two cuddly teddy bears—Paul and Sam—adorned in a thick coat, while children who stop into a lounge with their parents will get a free gift bag filled with games that include coloring books and puzzles.

Credit: Courtesy of Lufthansa


Emirates offers plush animals with themes from around the world, including Silka the seal, Abbott the hedgehog, and Shane the Koala.

Credit: Courtesy of Emirates

This year a new animal, Eva the reindeer, will be available. The characters are also featured on in-flight amenities that include children's toggle toys, a blanket, a magazine with puzzles, coloring pencils, and a magnetic sketcher for drawing.

An infant care kit equipped with nappies, bibs, and wipes is also available for parents.

For the holidays, a new Christmas menu will be offered across all cabins for the first time. It includes dishes like roast turkey, yule log cakes, pumpkin mash with turkey rashers, and kid's selections that include roast turkey with sweet potato mash, candy canes, and chocolate buttons.

Etihad Airways

Credit: Courtesy of Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways recently introduced a new range of “Etihad Explorer” activity packs, offering new packs of goodies based on childrens' ages and interests.

Kids three to eight years old can get activity books, crayons, card games, and a color-in mask aboard inbound flights to Abu Dhabi and color-in postcards, crayons, a waterproof travel wallet, and a new suitcase board game to play with the whole family on outbound flights from Abu Dhabi. Kids ages nine to thirteen can get a pack filled with Sudoku mazes and join-the-dot games, a pencil case, a bookmark, and a notepad.

The airline is also noted for its Flying Nannies, who can help parents with everything from getting kids ready for bed to keeping them entertained. Recently added Flying Nanny Kits include origami activities, games, pom-poms, flight certifications, magic trick items, and face-painting.

Passengers flying on Christmas Day will also get Lindt reindeer chocolates in economy and premium economy, and a selection of fruit mince pies, shortbread, and chocolates in first and business class.