Prefer an aisle seat? Want to board first? This site has you covered.
Auto Flight Check-In
Credit: Getty Images/Uppercut RF

For travelers who forget to check into their flights until the very last minute, there’s a free service that will now do all of the hard work for you. was developed by Lufthansa, although it will work for more than 100 major airlines around the world. As soon as the check-in period opens for a flight, the service will automatically check in registered users and email them their boarding passes.

When flying with airlines like Southwest (where check-in time affects boarding group number), the feature is particularly useful.

Users must first register with the website, inputting their passport information, date of birth, and other vital travel information. The website will then create a personal email address for each user.

When booking flights, users should be sure to use their new email address as their contact information. Once it’s 24 hours before the flight and the reminder check-in email arrives, the site will automatically take care of everything. If users have told the website their favorite seat on the plane, the service will do its best to select an appropriate seat.

Once check-in is complete, the service will forward a boarding pass to the user’s regular email address. All that’s left to do is head to the airport.

One of the only caveats is that, if the automated service selects a seat not to the traveler’s liking, it may be difficult to change. The service is also unable to perform any check-in extras, like tacking on an upgrade to premium economy, adding a dietary request or purchasing Wi-Fi for the flight.

But for those comfortable with sharing their personal travel information with a third party, the service is a great way to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks in the stressful hours right before a flight.