By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
May 17, 2016
british airways
Credit: Getty Images

Airlines have been stripping away complimentary amenities over the years, and now British Airways has revealed it is taking away free in-flight meals. The move comes as the company struggles to keep up with budget airlines.

The airline is reportedly partnering with Waitrose, a British supermarket chain, to sell sandwiches on short-haul flights in order to cut air fares. In addition, charging for food would allow the airline to make an additional profit. This seems to contrast British Airways' longstanding policy of offering free food on all trips.

Customers on long-haul flights will still enjoy free three-course meals. On those flights, said a British Airways spokesperson, "the meals are an alternative to the normal complimentary menu, which remains on-board. Customers can instead choose to pre-order and pre-pay via for one of six enhanced meals, including gourmet dining, great British breakfast and taste of the east."

Still, the removal of complimentary meals on shorter flights will likely not prove popular.