You could be a couch potato at 35,000 feet

By Evie Carrick
April 11, 2019
Courtesy of Airbus

No matter how much extra legroom you have, the traditional airplane seat makes it almost impossible to get comfortable. And with long-haul flights only getting longer, the flight industry is working to rethink airplane seating to provide passengers with more versatility and comfort.

Courtesy of Airbus

That’s the motivation behind Airbus’ new couch-style seating for business class. The company says their new “Settee Corner” chair is versatile enough to keep passengers comfortable as they eat, sleep, work, and relax in the air. The design lets flyers recline lounge-style or sleep just as they would on their couch at home.

The concept is a collaboration between Airbus and the seat manufacturer Geven and is actually based on an economy-class three-seater configuration. The duo transformed the standard three-seat setup into a single, luxurious couch-style seat for business class that still includes all the usual amenities: stowage space, roomy overhead locker, entertainment screen, and tray table. At the end of the seat there’s a safety belt to use during take-off and landing and a second safety belt for passengers in sleep mode.

CNN reports that the chair is also 30 to 50 percent lighter than a traditional business class seat based on their interview with Amalia Martinez Martin, a business line leader for tailored equipment. The mockups for the seat are the same length — 185 centimeters — as the traditional business class seat in Airbus planes, but Martins says there’s potential to increase length to 195 centimeters.