By Melissa Locker
May 16, 2016
Occupied airplane lavatory
Credit: Getty Images

A man is facing federal charges after locking himself in the airplane lavatory in protest of not receiving an in-flight beer. The hubbub forced the flight, from Sacramento to Seattle, to land in Portland.

Last week, Luke Thomas Watts, 32, made his first appearance in federal court on charges of interfering with flight crew on his Alaska Airlines flight, according to The Oregonian. He plead not guilty to making "express and implied threats'' to flight attendants who wouldn’t serve him a beer.

According to the complaint, when Watts’ threats didn’t work, he turned to demanding hugs from the flight attendants. He also locked himself in the plane’s lavatory and started pounding on the bathroom doors, according to the indictment.

(The event comes shortly after another thwarted Alaska Airlines flight. In February, a passenger screamed “We’re all gonna die!” after being refused alcohol.)

In light of his many outbursts and fear that he would turn violent, the crew decided to touch down in Portland and have him removed from the plane.

To compensate passengers for the delay caused by Watts’s behavior, they were given $100 travel credits. Watts will be subject to alcohol and drug testing while awaiting trial, which is set for July 12. Hopefully he will spend some of his down time reading How to Not Be a Jerk on an Airplane.