By Andrea Romano
May 08, 2019
Getty Images

Next time you board your flight, remember to never skip that pre-flight safety announcement.

According to The Guardian, a woman was kicked off her Air New Zealand flight from Wellington to Auckland on Tuesday because she, apparently, flat-out refused to watch the pre-flight safety video or read the instructional card handed to her by flight attendants.

Considering how many people manage to tune out pre-flight safety announcements on a regular basis, it may be safe to assume this particular passenger must have gone well out of her way to make sure the crew noticed her noncompliance.

While the pre-flight safety instructions were being announced, flight attendants attemped to get the passenger to listen to the video and read the safety card, but she and the man she was with apparently ignored them and continued to read their books and fiddle with their phones, according to The Evening Standard. To make matters worse, the woman was seated in an exit row — the one row where you hope the passengers are paying attention to safety instructions.

As the flight attendant kept urging, the woman apparently went so far as to stick her fingers in her ears, according to The Evening Standard.

Now, there are a lot of reasons why people get kicked off flights. Often, it has to do with a passenger being intoxicated, but fingers in the ears is an entirely new way to get yourself in trouble.

The altercation led the flight crew to return to the gate so that the woman and her companion could be escorted off the plane. A police spokesperson told The Evening Standard that the passengers would be getting an “infringement notice” citing the use of their cell phones.

Let this serve as a reminder that even though pre-flight safety videos can be pretty boring (especially if you’ve seen them a thousand times), they’re extremely necessary. You have the rest of the flight to enjoy yourself, but saftey should always come first.