They wrote a letter demanding to be moved.

Air India
Credit: Dhiraj SIngh/Bloomberg via Getty Images

While you were busy snoozing away during your transatlantic journey, the cabin crew on your flight was likely working tirelessly to ensure your safety and comfort for hours on end.

When the flight ends and after everyone disembarks, it’s time for the cabin crew to get some rest before their next long-haul adventure. This usually means being put up in a dreamy hotel for the night, but for one Air India flight crew, a hotel stay turned into an utter nightmare.

According to a letter purportedly written by Air India staff, while staying overnight at a Chicago hotel the entire crew felt overwhelming "negative energies" while in their rooms and believed they were witnessing “paranormal activities."

The crew is now asking the national carrier to take immediate action.

The letter was allegedly penned by the crew's deputy chief of cabin. In it the writer says the activities the crew experienced in the hotel keep "playing in our mind (sic)." As a result of the paranormal events, the crew members said they were unable to get proper rest after operating ultra long-haul flights.

The letter alleges that Air India management knew about the reports of paranormal activity at the hotel, but decided to sign a contract with the hotel anyway.

In the letter, the crew asked Air India officials to look into the matter and "change this hotel on (an) urgent basis."

Moreover, the writer of the letter expressed unwillingness to fly the route again, stating, “I would also request you ‘Do Not’ assign me any Chicago flights till the hotel is changed, as it's very uncomfortable in the hotel."

When asked for comment, Air India spokesperson Dhananjay Kumar told India Today that the "matter is under investigation and we are in contact with our Chicago station."