Air India girl power
Credit: Vipin Kumar/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

With International Women's Day on the horizon, Air India has made history by sending an all-female crew around the world. On Friday, the team completed an around-the-world trip after they touched back down in New Delhi.

The trip took the crew to San Francisco from New Delhi on Monday, February 27, making the journey over the Pacific Ocean. On the way back to New Delhi, the crew flew over the Atlantic, bringing them full-circle around the globe. The airline has submitted an entry to the Guinness Book of World Records (fingers crossed!).

This was much more than a group of female-focused flight attendants. Not only were the pilots and flight attendants all women, but the air traffic controllers in charge of the flight departure and arrival were women, as well as the engineers who certified the airplanes, according to BBC.

Air India isn't going to stop with just one all-female crew. To help celebrate International Women's Day—which lands on March 8 every year—Air India will be sending additional women crews to places all around the world.