Credit: Hans Neleman/Getty Images

In a world where most products are repackaged to fit millennial tastes, it was only a matter of time before airlines jumped on the generational trend.

Back in July, Air France announced Joon, a new airline specifically targeting travelers aged 18 to 35.

On Monday, the airline revealed more about the upcoming brand, but details remain vague.

“Joon is Air France’s little sister, who breaks with tradition and takes inspiration from the new expectations of travellers to offer an experience that goes beyond the aircraft doors,” Jean-Michel Mathieu, CEO of Joon, said in a statement.

The airline — like many companies that target millennials — is positioning itself as a lifestyle brand that does more than what it actually does. In a promotional video, Joon is described as a personal assistant, fashion designer and entertainment channel before it’s ever referred to as an airline.

Although Joon is resistant to referring to itself as a low-cost airline, like many low-cost airlines, it will only offer free onboard meals to those in business class. Business class passengers will also find VR headsets at their seats. Those in economy can order organic food from a menu and stream in-flight entertainment to their personal devices.

Customers can also take advantage of partnerships with Airbnb Experiences, a car-sharing platform at the airport and BHV, a department store in the center of Paris.

However, at the moment, Joon’s most unique selling point is its visual identity. Flight attendant uniforms are electric blue and casual, right down to the white sneakers that resemble Adidas’s trendy Stan Smith lace-ups.

The brand seems to be Air France with new colors. Customers will still use Air France customer service, be able to easily transfer to Air France flights and rack up Flying Blue Miles.

Joon will be based out of Charles de Gaulle airport and fly to Barcelona, Lisbon, Berlin, and Porto, starting December 1. The flights will start at about $46 (€39). In summer 2018, the airline will expand flight routes to Seychelles and Brazil, starting at $295 (€249).