Air Force One Wi-Fi
Credit: Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

Some things are better when you’re the President of the United States. Meals. Transportation. Housing.

But some things are exactly the same as they are for other people. Like in-flight Wi-Fi.

Very soon, the airplanes of the President, Vice President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs will have the same in-flight internet connection as passengers on JetBlue, United, and Virgin America.

The U.S. Government awarded ViaSat, the broadband company that services many commercial airlines, a $73-million, one-year contract for the use of its Ku-/Ka-band connection.

This hybrid connection ensures that aircraft are always connected to the strongest network in the immediate vicinity by automatically switching between satellites—the exact same satellites commercial jets use.

"ViaSat's high-capacity global in-flight internet service ensures executive and government leaders and their teams can stay connected, informed and productive, maximizing the effectiveness of time in-flight with 'Situation Room and Command Center' connectivity in the sky," Ken Peterman, ViaSat’s senior vice president, said in a statement.

The ViaSat connection will be used to stream HD video, do HD video conference calls, make phone calls over the internet, and access real-time intelligence.