Air Canada, Frontier Airlines to Take Passengers’ Temperatures Before They Board

The temperature checks will be rolled out at all airports that fly Air Canada by May 15.

Air Canada plane
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Air Canada and Frontier Airlines are now requiring temperature checks for all passengers before they board their flight.

As a part of their CleanCare+ initiative, that will monitor passengers’ health, Air Canada — the first airline to enact the temperature checks — will enact new standards that also include social distancing and disinfecting onboard aircraft. The temperature check specifically consists of a non-invasive infrared test and will be rolled out at all airports that fly Air Canada by May 15.

Passengers will also need to fill out a government-mandated health questionnaire. Those who are determined “unfit to fly” will be rebooked at no additional cost — and required to obtain medical clearance before their next takeoff.

The airline will also begin using “state-of-the-art electrostatic sprayers” with hospital-grade disinfectants in the cabin between flights and will also provide passengers with hand sanitizer.

"While we are eager to see the reopening of economies and the restart of commercial aviation, the safety of our customers and employees is Air Canada's core value and we aim to establish the highest standards of hygiene, cleanliness, and attention to public health guidelines,” Air Canada’s President and CEO Calin Rovinescu said.

The program will also include “increased use of screening tools, such as blood oxygen level testing, as they become available," Rovinescu said.

Like Delta and other airlines, Air Canada booking system is also automatically blocking the sale of seats directly next to each other. The policy will remain in effect until at least June 30.

On Frontier Airlines, temperature screenings will be effective on June 1. Passengers with a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will be denied boarding, according to their announcement. The airline will be using a touchless thermometer to take temperatures — those who are at higher than 100.4 degrees will be able to rest. if time allows, and then will be checked again. If their temperature does not break, then the passenger will not be able to fly.

"Frontier will work with that customer to rebook travel on a later date or otherwise accommodate the traveler’s preferences with respect to their reservation," the announcement read, adding that employees will also not be able to work if their temperature is over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additionally, like many other airlines, Frontier is requiring passengers to wear facial coverings as well as board the plane from back to front.

“The health and safety of everyone flying Frontier is paramount and temperature screenings add an additional layer of protection for everyone on board,” Frontier Airlines CEO, Barry Biffle, said. “This new step during the boarding process, coupled with face coverings and elevated disinfection procedures, will serve to provide Frontier customers an assurance that their well-being is our foremost priority and we are taking every measure to help them travel comfortably and safely.”

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