What we would give to be on this plane.

In the history of music videos from the early 2000s, there are few works more iconic than Britney Spears’s “Toxic." In fact, the cerulean blue flight attendant costume featured in the video is so beloved, it’s currently displayed behind glass at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Although we don't have the statistics to prove it, we’re fairly confident that the legendary music video launched the careers of thousands of future flight attendants. But one just went to new fandom lengths and recreated the beginning of the video in an Airbus A330 aircraft.

Assraf Nasir, a flight attendant for Malaysia’s AirAsia X airline, recreated the video’s iconic dance scenes up and down the aisle of an empty aircraft. The video was even reposted by AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes.

In his recreation, Nasir nails some of Britney’s signature moves — including the food cart shuffle down the aisle and the booty shake against the airplane bathroom door. The only thing missing is back-up dancers.

Now we’re just waiting for the sequel wherein Nasir wears a red wig and motorcycles around the alleyways of Paris.