He flies in your first class seat before you do.
Young Aviation Expert
Credit: Alex Macheras/@AlexInAir

Try to describe your dream job and it might involve jetsetting around the world and sipping on champagne. For 20-year-old Alex Macheras, his dream job is a reality.

According to Business Insider, Macheras is an aviation analyst and his job is to test out planes before they are delivered to clients.

He tests seats, tries the in-flight food, and yes, even tries the champagne on board. He has been interested in planes “as long as he can remember.”

Luxury Aviation Expert
Credit: Alex Macheras/@AlexInAir

“I was born with the travel bug. There are videos of me as a toddler pointing up at the sky. It was never in my family — my parents worked in cuisine and motorsport, so I wasn't born into anything.”

As a kid, he studied everything he could get his hands on about aviation. He even took flying lessions. At 14, he was approached by a U.K. radio station, LBC, to speak on air after they discovered his tweets about aviation analysis.

“I was [tweeting about] whatever was in the news at the time, and explaining everything on Twitter. They approved me to go on air. My age was an unspoken thing – I was doing LBC for years before anyone knew I was young,” he told Business Insider.

His first appearance on LBC lead to even bigger spots. At 16, he appeared on SkyNews in the U.K. and also landed other on-air contracts to speak about aviation analysis. He finished school on a part-time basis, but as soon as he could, he was on the job full-time.

Now, at 20, he works with companies to complete new aircrafts, and the best part of his job is that he gets to participate in the test flights — testing out every cabin, including first class.

For everyone who’s been squished into a 747 at vacation time, just imagine having a cross-continental flight, or even an international flight all to yourself.

Not only does Macheras get the first-class treatment during flight, he also makes use of business and first-class lounges, including gorgeous pre-flight meals, more champagne and a cozy place to stretch out and nap.

But it’s not all fun and games. Macheras takes his work very seriously, getting to know every piece of the operation and everyone who is part of it.

"It's about getting to know them as an airline and why they do things in a cabin in a certain way," he said.

Naturally, Macheras doesn’t keep his incredible lifestyle all to himself. He frequently shares what he’s up to with his 8,000 followers on Instagram and 10,000 followers on Twitter.

If he’s this cool at 20, who knows what the next 10 years will bring.