This Is the Cheapest Time to Book a Vacation Rental, According to Airbnb Data

With family travel in mind, the vacation rental company compiled data including most popular travel times, locations, and when to save.

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Vacation rentals are a great way to save money while all being together, and a new global Airbnb report shows that’s even more true for families.

In fact, families can rent a two bedroom, two bathroom space for about the same price as a hotel room at a major chain, according to the report, which was based on publicly available fourth quarter financial reporting.

“After a multi-hour flight with two kids, waiting for their luggage and a rental car line, the last thing most families want to deal with is long check-in lines, crowded lobbies, living out of a suitcase for a week due to lack of space, large additional costs for an adjoining room for the kids, and hundreds of dollars in room service and dining out,” Airbnb wrote in the report, adding, “families likely booked Airbnb listings because of the value and space they received compared to what hotel rooms offer.”

In 2022, Airbnb said the site saw a 60 percent increase in family travel, compared to pre-pandemic in 2019. And more than half of those stays lasted between two and six nights.

Fall and winter were the most affordable times for budget-conscious families to travel when listings averaged less than $50 per person, per night in October, November, and December.

A vacation rental definitely comes with more space: about a quarter of Airbnb listings have three or more bedrooms and nearly 90 percent are equipped with a kitchen. And they often have amenities specifically geared toward children, like the more than 1 million listings that include cribs.

Families also didn’t limit themselves last year in their destination choices, picking vacations in major cities across the world. Paris was the most popular choice for families in 2022, according to Airbnb, followed by London, Melbourne, New York City, and Rome.

Specifically for families in the U.S. the top destination was San Diego, Airbnb additionally confirmed Travel + Leisure. That was followed by New York City, Panama City Beach, Los Angeles, and San Antonio.

Families also opted for a variety of vacation types, searching for pools, beach access, skiing opportunities, tropical trips, and proximity to national parks.

Another great way to save money on Airbnb is to check the ‘New’ category when searching, which includes homes added to the site within the past 10 weeks that often have an attractive starting price.

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