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Though she began operating in Croatia 27 years ago (a fun fact: Radetti was the first U.S. advisor to organize luxury tours of Croatia when it became independent in 1991), Radetti has expanded to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Slovenia. She can arrange yachting in the Elaphiti Islands, a visit to the world’s largest Lipizzan horse stud farm, or tickets to a performance of the centuries-old Moreska dance on Korčula Island.

"Travel is always about people. What we do is always extremely personal," she says. She and her team create powerful heritage journeys for that reason. "Nothing is as intimate as unlocking a family story that has waited decades to be told, and tell the history of one’s forbearers. It's a privilege we do not take lightly." For those types of trips, Radetti calls on her vast in-country network to locate family members, retrace the steps of ancestors, and tell the history of a village and its inhabitants from a local perspective.

Languages Spoken: Croatian, English, Italian, and Spanish

Average Daily Spend: $600 per person

Trip Planning Fees: $250

Contact Info

concierge@visitcroatia.com | 718-932-6893 | New York






"I first met Wanda and her team at the New York Times Travel Show in January of 2019. We had heard great things about Croatia from friends who had been there and it was one of our vacation options. Once we began to engage with Wanda and her team, she immediately picked up our vision and proceeded to lay out a possible day-by-day two week trip starting in Zagreb, passing thru Slovenia then working our way to Opatija and eventually all the way down the coast to Dubrovnik. Within two weeks of our visit, a detailed itinerary was emailed to us...which we tweaked a bit over the next couple of weeks. Upon our arrival, Mirela Benic took over. She checked in with us every day to confirm the names of our driver and guide, and the hotel where we would be staying that night (in the BEST waterfront rooms in every hotel). Mirela even recommended the best restaurants in every town and whenever we mentioned Wanda's name, every hotel manager and restaurant owner told us Wanda was the one person they credited with the huge spike in tourism in Croatia. We were so impressed with Wanda and her Tasteful Croatian Journeys team, that we have gone out of our way to make referrals to her company...just like Wanda's team went over and above to ensure that every moment of every day we spent in Croatia was "Luxury Made Personal"....the motto on her company letterhead."- Jay K.

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