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Robinson’s trips show off the best of this popular country, whether they involve kitesurfing along the Peruvian coast or an archaeological expedition to Incan ruins. Incan history informs every aspect of Robinson's trips to the Andes, including the riveting destinations of Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. He specializes in off-the-beaten-track tours, often guided by history experts.

"For one group of friends this past year we put together an extreme kite surfing itinerary on Peru’s wild Pacific coastline, specifically around the city of Pacasmayo," he says. "As a surprise for the group, we arranged to fly out a world champion kite surfer, Mitu Monteiro, to meet them in Peru and join them for some of the best wave kite surfing in the world."


Languages Spoken: English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish

Average Daily Spend: $750 per person

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info | 800-690-6899 | Rio de Janeiro


"There's a reason that Thomas is such a sought after travel consultant when it comes to trips to South America, and particularly Peru. He asks insightful questions and listens intently from the first moment you meet him to ultimately curate a trip that is 100 percent tailor-made to your interests. I recently worked with Thomas to design a trip to Peru (a surprise for my wife) and every single detail was absolutely spot-on. All of his recommendations concerning our accommodations, dining and daily itinerary/excursions were impeccable. He has so many contacts in the region he can make almost anything happen — just ask! He was so responsive to all of my questions during the planning phase and, during our trip, he and his team checked in with us regularly and were available anytime through the agency's app, which showed our daily itinerary, flight and hotel information, and specific recommendations in each location for restaurants and activities. Plus, we were upgraded at hotels over and over again thanks to Thomas. My wife and I are very well traveled and have worked with many travel consultants over the years. Thomas is, without question, one of the very best." - Terry B.

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