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Hamer draws on more than two decades of expertise when suggesting a lagoon for a champagne picnic in Bora-Bora or the right pearl shop in Tahiti for a custom-jewelry-making appointment. On her frequent trips to the region, she researches private villas and overwater suites that make for bucket-list getaways.

"I definitely see that new clients are coming to me - because they want to work with an expert now more than ever, " she notes. "They want to feel that they are working with someone that knows the destinations and has travelled there, especially recently, and during the pandemic. The biggest luxury we have is time and people now realize how important that is and they don't want to miss out on anything!"

Hamer has also noticed that if clients are staying at a few different resorts, they will typically choose the last one as their splurge. Always at the top of her list? The Brando, in French Polynesia, for total seclusion and luxury.

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: the Maldives, the Seychelles, Bali

Languages Spoken: English, French, German,

Minimum Daily Spend: Varies depending on destination

Trip Planning Fees: From $250 per person

Contact Info | 310-689-5411 | Los Angeles


"I began working with Susanne while I was planning a trip to French Polynesia years ago. I wanted to have a private trip that would allow me to experience the unique areas that make up the islands there. Since that time, I have worked with Susanne on many different trips, both private and those that may extend a trip that was already pre-planned with one of the larger known travel companies. Her connections with independent vendors and her knowledge of many different areas around the world, make her a fabulous 'partner' with whom to plan my family's many world adventures. Susanne has the wonderful ability to make any trip luxurious or budget conscious depending on the need. She has handled all issues that have arisen as we have continued to travel during the Covid-19 era. She has handled them with grace and humor and a sense of assuredness that allows my family to travel with confidence. She is very well travelled and extremely organized. I look forward to my continued relationship with Susanne in planning all my future travel experiences." - Susan R.

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