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Mitchell, an American living in Portugal, orchestrates next-level trips, such as a recent six-person, 45-day tour of the entire country, which included a week in the Azores. She also personally co-hosts a trip with a former US Ambassador to Portugal, taking a small group of travelers on private “after hours” visits to well-known national monuments and museums — and incredible food and wine experiences — throughout Lisbon, Porto and the Douro Valley, and the Alentejo.

Lately, she has seen particular interest in Madeira, the Azores, and Braga. One of her most unusual travel requests: to help establish an official sister-city relationship between Miami Beach and the Portuguese town of Cascais. After negotiating the "twinning" process with local authorities on both sides, Mitchell planned a ceremony, the B2B meetings for both parties (which included 28 delegates from Miami Beach and the 30 delegates from Cascais), and designed and executed the six-day countrywide program for the Miami Beach delegates.

Additional Specialties: Jewish heritage, golf tourism, and wine and gastronomy.

Language(s) Spoken: English, Spanish, Portuguese

Average Daily Spend: From $500 per day per person

Trip Planning Fees: Varies

Contact Info | 305-792-8689 | Florida & Portugal



"Sheree is by far the most amazing travel advisor I have had the chance to work with. My husband and I traveled with her company, Immersa Global, to Portugal right before the pandemic started. Sheree truly tailored the trip to exactly what we liked. As a young couple we wanted to explore, eat well and experience the real Portugal (not just the tourist side). Sheree went above and beyond in tailoring our trip to include wonderful museums and sites, local favorites for lunch and dinner and even dined with us on two occasions to give us the local experience. We traveled to nearby cities on day trips which we probably would never have done without her recommendation. When the world closed down due to COVID we were still in Portugal and Sheree made sure we were able to get home safely. We had to forfeit part of our trip and Sheree worked with hotels to get our room and board refunded even though that wasn't the hotel policy. You will not regret a trip with her. Her itineraries are superb! In fact, you'll wonder if every country has a Sheree you can travel with!"- Ali E.

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