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Simpson has arranged ambitious multigenerational reunions—some have covered as many as 12 countries. He also has a particular knack for honeymoons, arranging special moments for couples at such destination properties as Angama Mara and Lewa Wilderness, both in Kenya, and Wilderness Safaris camps in Botswana. He even delivered a heart-stirring vow renewal for one safari-loving couple, who arrived for the ceremony via helicopter.

As for favorite properties, he's had his eye on HBD Príncipe Island, on the islands of São Tomé and Príncipe. "This stunning collection of beach resorts is slowly creeping into the awareness of the US market," Simpson notes. "For high end travelers looking to combine adventure and luxury, it is an amazing option that few know about."

Language(s) Spoken: English

Average Daily Spend: $1500 Per Person Per Day

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info | 813 565 8060 | Tampa, Florida


"I have worked with Scott Simpson on multiple safaris and his level of service, kindness, and availability are exceptional. Scott knows Africa intimately, and customizes my trips to not only meet but far exceed my expectations. In fact, his insight and decades of experience designing customized safaris were incredibly valuable for me on my first safari as he explained what I could expect, what to pack, and how to experience the beauty and magic across Africa as a first timer. Since finding him years ago, I continue to recommend him to my friends, family, and colleagues. Scott is an A+ travel advisor who genuinely cares, is incredibly knowledgeable, and ensures every detail is in place." -Kristen D.


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