Scott Gilman


Scott Gilman

Gilman strives to send intrepid vacationers well beyond Tokyo: he can arrange tours of Shirakawa-go, a cluster of hamlets more than 800 years old nestled in a mountain valley, and a private visit to one of the world's most famous taiko drum makers.

For one trip, he organized a private dinner at an introduction-only tea house to learn about geisha culture. Later, travelers met a professional sushi chef at his private restaurant in Tokyo to learn the art of sushi making. "Every so often we have particularly adventurous clients who take a day trip by helicopter from rural Nara out to remote Mt. Koya for stunning aerial views of Wakayama," Gilman says. "There's such a pent-up demand for travel, our clients are likely to be more inclined to splurge on experiences."

Languages Spoken: English

Minimum Daily Spend: From $1,000 per person per day

Trip Planning Fees: $1,000

Contact Info | 202-455-0095 | Washington, D.C.


"Scott created an amazing five-week trip to Japan for us in 2019, and ensured that every aspect of our trip was perfect. During our stay, Japan was hit with their worst typhoon in 60 years, Typhoon Hagibis. Many travelers wound up sleeping at the airport when their flights were cancelled. Not us. Scott altered our itinerary and arranged for us to travel south, away from the typhoon's destruction. He booked us into an extraordinary property, all handled seamlessly. That's the beauty of working with an A-List travel advisor. Highly recommended." - Joe R.


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