Travel + Leisure A-List Travel Agent Sandy Schadler

Sandy Schadler


Schadler is the chief marketing officer and executive vice president, vacation travel services at Travelink, American Express Travel. She's responsible for executing all marketing and advertising for Travelink and its sub-brands, Employee Vacation Programs and Privileged Journeys (luxury/VIP personal travel). In addition, she oversees all aspects of the company's Vacation Travel Services division, including sales and operations. Schadler maintains a close relationship with American Express Travel in New York and their Preferred Travel Partners globally to ensure clients receive the very best customer experiences for their vacations while also aligning marketing and advertising channels to ensure they are delivering the high caliber of results for which the American Express brand is well known. She also holds an advisory board position for the German National Tourism Office in the U.S. Prior to joining Travelink, American Express Travel, Schadler spent 16 years leading and serving the digital and social marketing needs of major automotive brands such as Audi of America, Chevrolet, The Chrysler Group, and Infiniti & Nissan of North America.

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