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Gee knows it’s never too late—or too early—to spend time in the wild. Recent happy customers include a meerkat-obsessed nine-year-old, who spent her birthday in the company of her favorite critters, and an older traveler with limited mobility: the 83-year-old had long dreamed of seeing gorillas in their natural habitat, so Gee arranged to make the trek accessible.

Gee is an expert at safaris in East and Southern Africa, particularly in planning "slow travel" journeys, she says, or sabbaticals that allow travelers to spend extended time in Africa. "The focus has shifted towards the experience—having a personal guide who can take them deeper into a culture or wildlife encounter and connect them with the destination."

Languages Spoken: English and some French and Russian

Average Daily Spend: From $1,000-$1,500 per person

Trip Planning Fees: $300 applied to the cost of the trip

Contact Info

sgee@red​ | 00 -44 -1242 -787 -825 | Cheltenham, U.K.


Our family had a magical African safari experience thanks to Samantha Gee. She took great care in every aspect of our luxurious adventure, which covered 4 countries and 12 airplanes, plus countless transfers and excursions. We were very grateful for Samantha's patience in replanning our trip 3x due to Covid cancellations and look forward to booking our next African trip with her!  - Sherri C

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