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Shoemaker directs travelers to relaxed estates in smaller villages, like The Retreat at Elcot Park, in Newbury. She is especially keen on horticultural itineraries, and can arrange tea with celebrity gardeners, but can also tailor trips based on historical interests (like the life of Winston Churchill), or sporting pursuits (cricket matches with stops at local pubs).

"Getting outside of the major cities to see the smaller towns and villages continues to be requested by my travelers," says Shoemaker. "Instead of trying to see and do absolutely everything, they are taking the time to relax and enjoy a bit more knowing that if they really want to, they can always come back. They don't feel the need to check every box."

Shoemaker is seeing great interest in going deep into the British countryside—rather than spending a full week in London and a few days in smaller villages, travelers want to spend more time out of the city than in it.

Additional Specialties: Spain, Safari

Language(s) Spoken: English

Average Daily Spend: $1,000 per person

Trip Planning Fees: none

Contact Info

rachel@louisawhite.com | (610) 880-7381 | Malvern, PA





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