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Wine tastings in Burgundy, Bordeaux, and the Loire Valley are a particular focus for this 35-year expert, who often plans multi-week trips that span the entire nation. Haslett also makes sure to build in cultural experiences, like a private after-hours tour of the Louvre.

With 35 years of experience in France's luxury tourism trade under his belt—including stints as a hotel barge captain and hot air balloon pilot—Haslett has a deep-seated knowledge of all the country has to offer, from such tried-and-true destinations as Paris and the Riviera, to such off-the-beaten-path alternatives as French Basque Country and the Ile de Re. And he has access to the country's most intriguing artisans and craftsman, making for tours that are as mind-expanding as they are pleasurable.

Additional Specialties: Monaco

Language(s) Spoken: English and French

Average: $1500

Trip Planning Fees: variable

Contact Info | +33 981 482 424 | Aix en Provence, France


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