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Irvine moved to Rio from the U.K. 18 years ago, and is now a specialist in South America's largest country. From a flight over the Amazon rainforest with climate change researchers to a private food tour and tasting led by celebrity chef Alberto Landgraf, of Rio's famous Oteque restaurant, Irvine’s itineraries illustrate his knowledge and connections in South America’s largest country.

He describes the flight over the Amazon: "The family told me that the highlight of their trip was the flight over the jungle in a specially constructed scientific aircraft (normally only used for research and not available to charter). That aircraft collects water samples from the clouds above the rainforest in order to understand the effects of deforestation on changing weather patterns, specifically rainfall further south in the continent."

"These experiences are made possible by the personal connections of the whole Dehouche team," says Irvine. "We have friends, family, and contacts that enable us to create new and totally tailored experiences for our clients regularly."


Languages Spoken: English and Portuguese

Average Daily Spend: $900 per person

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info | 800-690-6899 | Rio de Janeiro


"Paul took amazing care of us during our trip to Brazil. He and his team put together a truly memorable family trip for us, starting by listening carefully to our needs and creating an itinerary with the perfect balance of relaxation and exploration. We stayed at two great hotels on the coast and a lodge farther inland (which we accessed by private prop plane, with amazing views!) where we had a safari experience. Thanks to Paul's connections we were able to hang out with the scientists studying the animals who were tracking, checking camera traps, taking plaster casts of footprints for identification—it was fantastic! He also pulled some strings in Trancoso to arrange a visit to the atelier of a local artist, where the artist herself showed us around. Memories for life for the whole family! I can't recommend Paul and Dehouche highly enough, and will certainly use them for our next trip to South America." - Rupert S.

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