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Whether it’s an immersive history tour of Hawaii, with special access to the archives at the Bishop Museum and the Iolani Palace, or a 10-day journey through Alaska, Aynbinder shows the best of these two spectacular states. On one trip, he took travelers to Denali National Park & Preserve to hike with guides from the luxury lodge Sheldon Chalet. Also on the trek? Lance Leslie, a legendary mountain climber.

The President and CEO of Excursionist has been working in Hawaii and Alaska since 2007, becoming a recognized destination expert on both. The states, he says, "Have a lot in common: they are both volcanic. They are both extremely remote and wild places that require you to step off the beaten path and explore them, and they also have amazing Indigenous cultures."

Additional Specialties: US National Parks

Language(s) Spoken: Russian, English, and German.

Minimum Daily Spend: $1,000 per person per day.

Trip Planning Fees: Variable travel services fees: $250+

Contact Info | 646-429-0899 | Miami, FL



"We decided to engage Excursionist, (Norman Aynbinder and Elan Nissenboim) at the worst possible time—during a pandemic. Our travel ideas had many requirements: very private, medically safe, only small/secluded towns, top notch restaurants, superb accommodations, private sailings, and more. Excursionist made us fall in love again with American tourism. They achieved the impossible by lining up exquisite small hotels, world-class restaurants, private tours, and experiences that were transformational for us. Every suggestion was on-point, they had managed to know us very well after just a couple conversations during their meticulous planning phase. For a week we forgot the world, disconnected from stress, and enjoyed a lifestyle experience that we thought belonged to a bygone era. The American northeast, specifically Maine, was brought to life just for us as if a Norman Rockwell painting." - Dani G.

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