Michelle Murré


Michelle Murre

Based in St. Helena, Murré is hyper-focused on epicurean getaways to Napa and Sonoma. Murré recommends wine producers that give back to their communities, such as Kenzo Estate, Promon­tory, and Rudd Estate. She can also snag impossible-to-get reservations at top restaurants like Single Thread.

For a client's 50th birthday, she organized a private dinner for 30 of the client's closest friends in an underground wine cave at one of the area's most prestigious vineyards. On a separate trip to Napa for a couple and their adult children, she put together an adventure-packed itinerary that included bike tours, croquet matches, wine and olive oil tastings, and hikes through redwood forests.

Murré has observed that clients are seeking even more elevated experiences as they begin to return to traveling. "They want everything as private as possible and ideally quite unique and special," she says. "Clients always splurge on hotels, and with rates at an all-time high, they are willing to pay it and happily. We see people buying more wine than usual at tastings, and joining memberships."

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: Italy, France, Greece, United Kingdom

Languages Spoken: English, French, Spanish

Minimum Daily Spend: Varies

Trip Planning Fees: From $1,500

Contact Info

michelle@azurine​travel.com | 917-664-1333 | St. Helena, Calif.



"I've had the pleasure of working with Michelle and Roderick and their team for the past two years. They are exceptional: honest, diligent, smart, savvy, knowledgeable and available 24 x 7. Not only have they been to most of the top destinations in the world themselves, but if they have not personally been, they are so well-connected that they can get helpful insights within a day or two. We have had them plan everything for us from US luxury road trips to fabulous five star international vacations, and they are fun, easy to work with and creative. No detail is too small for them to perfect, and they ensure that we maximize every moment of our vacation. I feel so fortunate that I have gotten connected to them. They are truly in a league of their own. Really outstanding service - and incredibly nice human beings on top of it all." - Jenna F.

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