Michael Diamond


Michael Diamond

Diamond relies on an on-the-ground team to build memorable trips. After nearly 20 years of booking travel to Morocco, Diamond knows all of the top guides, the most beguiling hotels and riads, and the shops with the most pilgrimage-worthy souvenirs. He knows all the right people to talk to, from the Eve Branson Foundation, which preserves traditional artisanship, to Palais Amani, a boutique hotel in Fez offering culinary workshops that let travelers engage with the city on a different level. During the pandemic, many of his clients turned to outdoor activities, such as hiking, surfing, motorcycle side-car tours, and even cooking classes held outside.

For a favorite Sahara experience in Morocco, Diamond can arrange a luxury encampment with stylish tents and live music, often with traditional sufi roots. "Sitting around a campfire with the star-filled African sky above is often a highlight of client's experiences," Diamond says.

Languages Spoken: English

Minimum Daily Spend: From $950 per couple per day

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info

michael@cobblestoneprivatetravel.com | 646-434-1394 | Chevy Chase, Md.





"It's fair to say that Michael Diamond worked a miracle with our family trip to Morocco last year. We had originally planned the trip for 2020, but the pandemic made it necessary for us to reschedule it for 2021. Between following all of the shifting Covid restrictions, and accommodating the schedules of each family member, Michael somehow managed to replan and rebook the whole trip, including an exceptional guide, a private driver, lodging at five different places, and multiple special experiences. He has an extensive knowledge of Morocco, and was always responsive, flexible, and accommodating." - Carol D.

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