Maurice Smith


Maurice Smith

Atlanta-based Smith is committed to sending clients to eco-conscious properties around the world. Recently, he's been looking to regions of Mexico, where he likes Acre resort in Baja California. He also loves to suggest lesser-appreciated countries like Panama—there, he recommends a stay at Sweet Bocas, a private island with an overwater villa and organic farm. "We live in a world changing so quickly around us that, often, it feels like we're spinning with it. A simple trip to another country can teach us so much about ourselves and the world around us, and may even help us understand where we are headed," he says. "My mission is to spread the word of these incredible, immersive travel experiences that can help us all be better, more accepting people."

Additional Specialties: Caribbean, USA, Western Europe, Mediterranean

Language(s) Spoken: English

Minimum Daily Spend: $500

Trip Planning Fees: $499

Contact Info | 1-800-838-7405 | Atlanta, GA


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