Travel + Leisure A-List Travel Agent Mary Curry

Mary Curry


Curry secures once-in-a-lifetime experiences for her cruise clients, such as hot-air balloon rides in Antarctica or walks with the best private naturalists during cruises in the Galápagos Islands. “One of my personal favorites is an icebreaker cruise to Antarctica that visits an island that has had fewer visitors than the moon,” Curry says. “I'm really excited that my traveler will have this opportunity to access one of the truly unexplored places left on our planet.”

She keeps up on the latest trends in cruising to make sure her clients get the newest — and coolest — experiences. “The biggest news in polar cruising this past year has been a whole new generation of luxury icebreakers designed with both comfort and access in mind,” she adds. “In the past travelers typically had to choose between a nicer cabin and a super remote itinerary — especially in the most remote edges of the polar regions.” Curry is as adept at creating custom itineraries for large groups as she is working with solo travelers.

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: Adventure travel, multigenerational travel, and South America

Languages Spoken: English, German, and Spanish

Minimum Daily Spend: From $200 per person per day

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info | 406-540-1901 | Missoula, Mont.