Mary Cropper


Mary Cropper

Cropper focuses on awe-inspiring trips through the deserts and parks of the Southwest and the Rocky Mountains. Last summer, she planned a 14-day mother-and-daughter road trip to take in the major sights—including Mesa Verde National Park, in Colorado, and Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, on the Utah-Arizona border—and stay at smaller properties with a first-class feel, like the Inn of the Five Graces in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

She has noticed that, despite record visitation to the region, clients are shifting from a "do it all" mentality, to a mindset of traveling more slowly and with intention. "Prior to the pandemic, trips to the Southwest consisted of a 'checklist' vacation where each day brought you to a different attraction, making the experience more of an active adventure," she says. "Families used to want to see the most they could in a short amount of time. But now, trips to the Southwest have had more of a 'getaway' connotation. Clients seek out locations where their family can rest and relax while still having the opportunity to explore nearby attractions."

Additional Specialties: Hawaii, Rocky Mountains, and also Southeast Asia and Malaysian Borneo

Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

Minimum Daily Spend: $300

Trip Planning Fees: Included in the trip package price

Contact Info | 855-435-1621 | Boston, MA


"I worked with Mary to plan an out west adventure with my mom for her 70th birthday celebration after our other travel plans were impacted by covid. After my first conversation with Mary I knew I was in good hands, she listened to what I was looking for in terms of activities, accommodations, budget, travel logistics and dining experiences and created an itinerary that exceeded my expectations. She kept me informed of travel alerts that were ever-changing with covid rules and seamlessly adjusted our trip as circumstances presented challenges. She crafted an ambitious trip with several moving parts and while weather and covid created some difficulties, Mary was ahead of it all and made sure we had what we needed to make our trip something I will always treasure. What was so apparent was her knowledge of the areas we would visit and sharing her personal experiences, she was true professional and I felt confident throughout the entire process." - Joanna C

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