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This longtime expert plans epic trips across the archipelago—no matter where a client’s interests lie. "I enjoy planning all different types of trips, but some of the more interesting lately have been themed," she says. For one animal-loving family, she organized a tour of a parrot rescue sanctuary, night snorkeling with manta rays, beach-hopping to spot sea turtles, and many other activities. For a group of friends who love to garden, Clark arranged visits to the state's National Tropical Botanical Gardens, where the group took a tour with a botanist to learn about indigenous plant life and participated in a volunteer gardening session.

Sustainability is a priority of many of Clark's clients, and she frequently recommends the Malama Hawaii volunteer program that gives back to local communities. In exchange for volunteering, Clark adds at least one surprise "wish list" experience to her clients' itinerary.


Languages Spoken: English

Average Daily Spend: $875 per person

Trip Planning Fees: Varies

Contact Info | 844-339-1774 | Huntington Beach, Calif.


"Marilyn Clark possesses all of the qualities we look for in a travel consultant/designer. She is an expert with intimate knowledge — both depth and breadth — of Hawaii and other desirable destinations, and also cultivates longstanding relationships with the best resorts and tour operators. Marilyn is creative and practical, and takes the time to really get to know you. She is a patient and enthusiastic listener, who somehow turned our numerous all-over-the-map conversations and emails into an unforgettable five-week trip to five Hawaiian islands. Marilyn was accessible and responsive throughout, going above and beyond to ensure a seamless and otherwise incredible travel experience. We are sophisticated travelers, having visited 78 countries and territories and all 50 states with the guidance of multiple travel designers — Marilyn is truly best-in-class!" - Kathleen D.

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