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Lately, Palermo has been setting up stays at Meneghetti Wine Hotel on Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula, as well as visits to Quinta do Crasto winery in Portugal’s Douro Valley. Not that his trips are exclusively about indulgence—he’s often quick to suggest active pursuits, like biking around Barcelona.

In Spain, he's always keen to arrange a tasting at his favorite winery, Clos de l'Obac, in Tarragona, Catalonia. Or, in the Basque country, Palermo sets up a market stroll and private cooking club lunch in San Sebastian.

Like many advisors, Palermo has seen high demand for villa rentals in all three countries. "We are seeing that families want to cook together and explore the countryside, islands, or mountain valleys. Spain, Portugal, and Croatia have all these things in abundance and make access to these places easy."

But if hotels are more the client's speed, Palermo knows just where to book. Lately, that means the Six Senses in Ibiza, or The Ivens in Lisbon.

Language(s) Spoken: Italian, English, Spanish

Average Daily Spend: $900

Trip Planning Fees: $1,000

Contact Info | (917)-353-7352 | New York


"Marco Palermo has arranged excursions for our extended family throughout Italy. His intimate, personal knowledge of the country is evident in the detailed itineraries, knowledgeable, enthusiastic tour guides and incredible experiences he has provided. The hotels, restaurant recommendations and suggested stops have been perfect. Highlights have included a salumi tour and tasting in Parma, truffle hunting in Umbria and a wine tasting tour of Piedmont with a truffle expert/sommelier. Always educational and fun, we look forward to planning many more adventures with Marco."- Jill K.

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