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Hilton offers insider access that makes traveling within the country both smooth and meaningful—such as a driver and an accompanying Egyptologist who can give insight into classic sites like the Pyramids. Recently she’s seen an interest in buyouts of dahabiyas, the small 4- to 12- cabin sailboats that cruise the Nile, as well as private jets within the country.

In Morocco, another area of expertise, Hilton is seeing more extended stays in or right outside Marrakech, such as at the luxury hotel Kasbah Tamadot. "There's less moving around the country and more longer stays," she says approvingly. But the most exciting destination for 2023? Hilton says it will be Saudi Arabia.

Additional Specialties: Morocco and the United Arab Emirates

Languages Spoken: English

Average Daily Spend: $1,000 per person

Trip Planning Fees: A $2,500 upfront retainer (not a fee) goes toward the balance of the trip.

Contact Info | 941-951-1801 | Sarasota, Fla.


"Malaka Hilton represents the best in both domestic and international travel. She's not only extremely knowledgeable about where to stay, but during the height of the pandemic, she successfully navigated ever-changing Covid restrictions to make sure everything was flawless as we traveled between countries in Africa (as well as Dubai and places in Europe). One of our favorite trips—and most impressive—was when she arranged a charter of the Crystal Skye 777 from Sarasota to Morocco. We look forward to many more trips with Malaka in the future." - Cameron J.

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