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Rafson turns close-to-home trips into memorable adventures by keeping clients' destinations a secret until the day of departure. She handles the arrangements and also recommends cool breweries, bookstores, outdoor activities, and independent hotels in on-the-rise spots like Boise, Idaho, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pre-departure, her clients fill out a survey, noting their interests and travel history. Rafson then hyper-personalizes each trip, recommending cool breweries or bookstores, outdoor activities, and independent hotels.

"The pandemic showed many people that they can enjoy outdoor experiences and showed the value of getting out into nature," Rafson says. "Many of our travelers told us that they'd never actually escaped the city and gone on hikes before but discovered this newfound passion when their typical weekend activities were suddenly unavailable. After staying in a glamping tent for the first time, many clients said they would love to continue to explore the outdoors and visit national parks, incorporating elements of the outdoors in all future vacations!"

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: Destination celebrations, honeymoons, and road trips

Languages Spoken: English

Minimum Daily Spend: From $400 per day

Trip Planning Fees: Included in daily spend

Contact Info | 412-618-7468 | Pittsburgh, Pa.


"I have used Lillian's services on multiple occasions. She and her team do an exceptional job of providing customized itineraries to 'mystery' destinations around the U.S. Lillian has planned annual trips for me and my sister, and we've found that her assistance has mitigated a lot of the decision- and planning-related fatigue around travel. It's also clear that her team pays close attention to individual needs and requests. Best of all, they listen to feedback, so your trips improve each time. We've stayed at some amazing places, eaten at wonderful restaurants, and experienced many off-the-beaten-track adventures during our Pack Up & Go trips. Lillian and her team make it easy by focusing on high-quality experiences and providing the best customer service." — Myle G.

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