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For multigenerational travelers, Rothschild blends wildlife watching in the bush with cultural experiences in far-flung places, including the shores of Kenya's Lake Turkana, the backcountry of Ethiopia, and the deserts of Namibia.

"Intimate accommodations in the right locations," says Rothschild, are more in demand than ever. So too are over the top extras: "Helicopter trips, a night under the stars, private charter flights rather than the regular scheduled services, all these extraordinary experiences are in." That's been true through the pandemic, Rothschild says. "Every one of our clients that has been to Africa in recent months has had excellent experiences," she says. "We have had incredibly positive feedback even with all the PCR testing that has been done on the ground. All the social distancing, mask wearing, and so on has not negatively affected a single one of our trips."

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: Family Travel and Australia

Languages Spoken: Afrikaans and English

Minimum Daily Spend: $1,000 per person

Trip Planning Fees: $500 (after first proposal)

Contact Info

leora@rothschildsafaris.com| 800-405-9463 | Denver






"Rothschild Safaris was an absolute pleasure to work with. The reserves and camps Leora selected gave our family time in the bush with as few vehicles and human interactions as possible. We were amongst the animals, under the skies and sun of Africa for only a brief time, but the experience Rothchild provided will live with us forever. We will return, and we will use Rothchild again." - Egan C.

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