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This 17-year industry veteran takes care to assess a family’s needs, whether that’s creating a wheelchair-accessible itinerary throughout Florence, Paris, Rome, and Venice­­—no easy feat­—or recognizing that an overworked client wanted total relaxation for his family of five. Cue the 80-foot yacht charter on the French and Italian Riviera. Lately, she's also seen interest in trips to Croatia and Egypt.

Based in the Dominican Republic, Asilis pulls off complex multigenerational trips around the world. Laura started her company, Travelwise, in 2005. Her focus on service and insider access led to her recognition as Virtuoso's "Most Admired Travel Advisor in Latin America and the Caribbean" in 2015, among many other accolades. She serves on various boards and committees for renowned cruise lines, hotel brands, travel organizations as well as non-profit institutions.

Additional Specialties: Cruise

Language(s) Spoken: English and Spanish

Average Daily Spend: $700

Trip Planning Fees: Varies

Contact Info | +809-545-4831 | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


"I have known Laura for many years and she has been my travel advisor now for more than 10 years. She clearly understands the needs and expectations that sophisticated travelers have and is constantly monitoring the execution of the itineraries. I must say I cannot remember one time where we have had an issue with logistics. She is always available and has an elaborate network of contacts at her disposal to be able to offer the best services wherever I go." - José D.

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