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If total relaxation and cultural immersion are what you’re after, Chambers is the one to call. For a six-night buyout of Baoase Luxury Resort, in Curaçao, for 30 guests, she organized nightly performances of dance and music that showcased the island’s rich Dutch, Portuguese, and West African traditions. Wine is also a passion for Chambers, a certified sommelier—she recently sent a fellow oenophile to Verona, Italy, for a 10-day wine-buying trip.  A 30-person family trip throughout the Adriatic, including a private welcome dinner in Dubrovnik's Sponza Palace, a weeklong yacht buyout, and a dedicated photographer to document the entire journey? No problem.

Lately, Chambers has her eye on big-ticket openings, like the Raffles London at the OWO. "Talk about a property that has soul and history running through every inch," she says. "This building, which has been closed to public for significant amount of time, is opening and raising the bar among historic properties. I am also very excited to see the Maybourne Riviera between Nice and Monaco next month. I am in awe with the architecture and I do feel this is much needed along the coast."

Language(s) Spoken: English

Average Daily Spend: $1,000 per person

Trip Planning Fees: $500 per person per week

Contact Info | 508.228.6307 | Boston, MA


"Whether we are in spending a weekend in New York City or in a remote part of Burma, Kristin is always looking after us. She does her research. For example, Kristin knew the distance from Bangkok's international terminal to the domestic terminal is a hike. So unbeknownst to us, a buggy and porter were waiting to take us and our baggage to help us catch our flight to Chiang Mai. Want front row seats for a Celine Dion concert or a private dinner and performance by Andrea Bocelli? No worries, Kristin can get it done. We are demanding travelers. We readily pay for first-class service but expect no bumps along the road. Kristin has never disappointed us. She is a true travel professional and a pleasure to work with." - Vincent C.

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