Kristen Korey Pike


Kristen Korey Pike

Pike plans dream nuptials, like a 300-guest wedding at Eden Rock–St. Barths, followed by a 26-day honeymoon in Africa and the Maldives. The Atlanta-based advisor, who grew up in England and the United Arab Emirates, also has deep expertise in travel to the Middle East.

She also places a premium on thoughtful and responsible travel: in 2020, she worked with her hotel partners to donate $300,000 worth of trips to raise money for food insecurity due to the Covid-19 pandemic. "Everyday we are asking ourselves: how can we travel in a way that's more respectful to our environment?" she says. "For example, 1 Hotels decreases their impact on the planet by utilizing reclaimed wood and hemp mattresses in their rooms and providing guests with clean, filtered water in recycled glass carafes to eliminate single-use plastic. Our clients are looking to slow down and travel at a steadier pace. Gone are the days in which luxury travelers cram in too much and it seems people truly wish to feel relaxed after a very stressful year."

Additional Specialties: Destination Celebrations, Italy, France, The Middle East, and St. Bart's

Languages Spoken: Arabic, English, and French

Minimum Daily Spend: $1,500

Trip Planning Fees: Varies

Contact Info | 404-458-6800 | Atlanta and New York

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