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This South Africa–born expert—who once worked as a guide—speaks Zulu and Afrikaans fluently and excels at adventurous safaris across the continent: walking through the Serengeti, paddling through the Okavango Delta, or assisting anti-poaching teams in their efforts at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya. He has written a Fodor's safari guidebook and has planned trips for illustrious clients such as Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron. He once designed a safari centered around sound, touch, and smell for a visually impaired client. "I hand-picked a specialist guide to accompany her throughout their journey, and together we designed a well-rounded experience that focused on the stimulation all of her senses, such as sound, touch and smell," he says.

Harrison’s host of personal contacts—and his background as a guide—are essential in keeping him up to date on what’s happening on the ground. "I’m able to suggest safari locations to visit at different times of the year to maximize game viewing as a result of specifics influences, from rain or drought to the types of local vegetation and wildlife migratory patterns," he says. With advance notice, Harrison can also provide access to scientists doing research in the field, and even home visits with prominent conservationists.

Languages Spoken: Afrikaans, English, and Zulu

Average Daily Spend: From $1,000 per person

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info

julianh@premiertours.com | 800-545-1910 | Philadelphia






"Our family has worked with Julian and his team at to plan a trips to Southern and Eastern Africa. We travelled to Kenya most recently and had an outstanding time. Julian handled all of the details to insure that the trip went smoothly and safely. It was truly special to be alone with nature in the Masai Mara." - Jason S.

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