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Joyce Falcone


When it comes to her area of expertise, Italian-American Joyce Falcone walks the walk: The travel specialist speaks Italian (“It shows the other party that you cared enough about the culture to study their language,” she says), lived in Florence, attended school in Siena, and even obtained Italian citizenship and an E.U. passport over a decade ago. She excels at luxury trips for gastronomes and oenophiles, complete with five-star-hotel stays and rarefied experiences such as sampling fresh ricotta in a Sicilian family home, visiting cloistered nuns famed for their almond cookies, and touring some of the country’s most legendary vineyards. But Falcone is no slouch when it comes to adventure travel: She considers walking tours a core focus, and the dizzying array of hikes she’s done throughout the country — from week long treks through the Dolomites to the picturesque towns of Cinque Terre to the footpaths of the Val d’Orcia that link iconic villages like Montalcino and Montepulciano — gives new meaning to “on-the-ground experience.”

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: Food, walking, and wine tours

Languages Spoken: English and Italian

Minimum Daily Spend: From $470 per person per day

Trip Planning Fees: From $1,600; applied to trip cost

Contact Info

jfalcone@italian​ | 888-674-3311 | Bernardsville, N.J.


"She gets it right in every detail, even the small ones. Best hotels, drivers, tour guides and restaurants. Our trip to Italy involved five cities — a lot of travel, a lot to see and do, and we wanted to do it all first class, without any problems. Joyce is fantastic to work with, gets everything handled, and makes sure you know exactly when and where you will be. She is by far the best travel expert we have ever worked with, and our trip with three older kids was magical for all of us! Joyce understands what a person (or, in our case, family) wants to see and do — and creates the perfect combination to get it right" - Mike Ruggio