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Falcone, a dual American-Italian citizen, speaks Italian and has lived in Florence—and has personally met every vendor she works with. She excels in gastronomic and walking trips, which might have guests sampling fresh ricotta in a Sicilian family home or spending weeks exploring the Cinque Terre.

One trip highlight: Falcone recently planned a seven-week trip for a solo traveler that highlighted music and local culture, with an Andrea Bocelli concert in the ancient town of Lajatico, a Puccini recital in Lucca, and a seat at the thrilling Palio horserace in Siena.

Falcone also considers walking tours a core focus, and the dizzying array of hikes she's done throughout the country — from week long treks through the Dolomites to the picturesque towns of Cinque Terre to the footpaths of the Val d'Orcia that link iconic villages like Montalcino and Montepulciano — gives new meaning to "on-the-ground experience."

ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES: Wine, Gastronomy, and Walking Tours

Languages Spoken: English and Italian

Average Daily Spend: $1,000 per person

Trip Planning Fees: A $3,000 nonrefundable retainer for vacations up to 20 days with eight or fewer people.

Contact Info

info@italian​ | 888-674-3311 | Bernardsville, N.J.


"She gets it right in every detail, even the small ones. Best hotels, drivers, tour guides and restaurants. Our trip to Italy involved five cities — a lot of travel, a lot to see and do, and we wanted to do it all first class, without any problems. Joyce is fantastic to work with, gets everything handled, and makes sure you know exactly when and where you will be. She is by far the best travel expert we have ever worked with, and our trip with three older kids was magical for all of us! Joyce understands what a person (or, in our case, family) wants to see and do — and creates the perfect combination to get it right" - Mike R.

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