Jonathan Epstein

October 12, 2020

Epstein, an expert in the United Kingdom and Ireland, splits his time between Atlanta and his company’s offices in England and Ireland. He enjoys designing bespoke itineraries about anything his clients throw at him: a tour of Ireland focused on emigration and the diaspora; making your own whisky in Scotland; even a day of immersive experiences around the story of Grace O'Malley, the famous 16th-century pirate queen.

The rugged, misty countryside of the British Isles is home to some of the world’s most spectacular places to stay, and Epstein keeps his eye on new openings that could draw clients to lesser-traveled regions like Yorkshire (where the stately Grantley Hall opened last year) and Loch Lomond, home of Cameron House, which is reopening in 2021 after an extensive renovation. “We had a client who was obsessed with hotels, and that was her priority,” says Epstein. “So we designed an itinerary that included special stays in excellent suites. Our strong relationships meant we could really make her experience unique and over the top.”

Languages Spoken: English

Minimum Daily Spend: From $500 per day

Trip Planning Fees: From $400

Contact Info | 404-812-9298 | Atlanta